Borscht Recipes

Borscht may be served hot or cold, chunky or strained, creamed with dairy or without. The basis of the soup is beet and acid, usually in the form of vinegar, lemon juice, or cultured beet juice, also a traditional Eastern European food, called kvass. Each country has its own variation of borscht, and each cook within each town has their own interpretation of that. Enjoy our large collection of borscht recipes, taken from both traditional and non-traditional sources. Whether chilled for the summer, or hot for the harsh winter nights, you'll soon become a convert to one of the world's most delicious—and nutritious—soups.

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About Borscht Soup:

Eastern Europeans traditionally eat soup before each meal of the day—it's as much a staple in their diet as rice in Asia or pasta in Italy. Perhaps the most quintessential soup of the Eastern Europeans is called borscht, a beet-based soup that is rich in color, flavor, and nutrients. It's economical to prepare and can be easily enhanced with whatever meat, spices, and other vegetables are in the kitchen, so it's incredibly versatile for all home cooks.

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